Saturday, September 26, 2009

A truly great friend is hard to come have I been to fortunate?

I met Mr. Adam nearly 2 1/2 years ago. I had just finished my marriage to Daniel. He was going through a divorce too. We had children just months apart. Immediately there was a connection with us. We knew exactly what each other was going through and was more than willing to listen, offer advice, and be a crying shoulder for each other. He was so much fun!! Always ready to go out and try something new. I loved it and needed that at that time. It was so nice that he had a son because all of my other friends didn't have children and it was hard for them to understand just how trying it was to hang out, attempt at a social life, yet be a parent at the same time. Adam and I weren't friends for very long (time wise), only about 3 months when our friendship drifted. Our lives parted as he took on a relationship. For some reason guys and girls friendships are frowned on when dating someone else. LOL, I completely understand that. We kept in touch here and there through email. Then I found out he'd moved to San Diego. We still kept in touch and when he realized he deserved to be treated better (and that's just my perspective of it) he ended his relationship of almost 2 years. We started talking much more frequently, I was so glad to have him back in my life. He's one of those friends who keeps it real. He's honest but it the kindest way. He came back for a quick visit and I met up with him. It was so SO good to see him again. And now he's finally moved back and it's awesome to have my friend local; and what's even better is that Lover Boy really likes him too!

Adam, if by chance you read this: Thanks so much for everything!! You helped me get through the hardest time in my life. You helped me realize who I really am. You taught me to accept and love myself. You were patient and understanding with me when I was a confused mess. You're a truly great friend who I'm so lucky to know!!

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