Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Birthdays are the perfect excuse to get out and have some fun

Deb's birthday was over Labor Day weekend so we missed celebrating it with her at a Sushi Dinner. I was so sad because she is the friend who will always do anything for you. Lover Boy suggested that we take her out for a fun night at the batting cages and hitting a bucket of balls.

And I have to show off my fabulous shoes that I chose to wear.
Bad mistake, but why risk fashion for comfort?

We had so much fun, but Deb and I decided that we much prefer batting cages to golf. Next time we will opt for batting only. Little Princess did the batting cages too. She was so cute standing in there, she hit more than 1/2 the balls with my help. Little Man just chilled in his car seat. He was such a good boy!!

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